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Is it time to re-think your plan? Re-invigorate your fitness?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Whether you have been home and decided working out at home just wasn't for you or your gym didn't offer at-home workouts, it's about that time to realize this is a good time to dig deep and make some changes.

Working out from home doesn't have to the the "worst thing ever". You don't have to feel like

you're getting a "less than" amazing workout. You have to DIG deep within yourself and realize why.

Why do you not like working out at home?

Is it because you don't push yourself?

  • Well, when you're in person you are still the person driving your body to move, you're still in charge of the effort you put into it.

Is it because you don't have all the equipment?

  • Your body is ENOUGH, you can get done what you need to to find health with what nature has given you.

There are so many benefits of working out at home:

1) It's super convenient! You can literally workout, sweat your heart out and go finish folding the laundry or put the dishes away, or hop on that phone conference you needed to be on. You can get that 30 min workout in right before you prepare dinner, then shower, then dinner is done...(see I just planned your daily evening schedule!)

2) Travel time is like :30! You can roll out of bed and be ready, you don't have to account for driving time, getting the kids checked into daycare or even finding parking and being just SHOW UP. And when you're done, you don't have to wait to get home, you're already there.

3) You are way more likely to actually get it done when you're already where it needs to be done, it's more likely that people complete a workout when their clothes are handy and their gym is on the route they normally drive...if it's in your living room or your garage you're already mostly done. You are MORE likely to get all the workouts in.

4) You will learn A LOT about yourself. You will find your inner drive. You will find strength within your body, you will become stronger. You will force yourself to GROW mentally and physically. Get outside your comfort zone and change your mind and change your body (aka pull up those big girl panties and let's do this!).

My advice... get yourself used to working out at home, it's here to stay.

My favorite part about having a space for working out at home is having the option to go to a gym also! Having a hybrid workout plan is SO good for your body, your time and your goals.

Now is not the time to let your fitness keep going down the drain, this is that time that your healthy habits you worked so hard for will drain if you don't keep them up. I want you to find something that you can do and keep going. You have a BODY, it is so powerful, use it. We don't NEED a gym to move. We can walk, jog, hike, power walk, sprint, climb, jump, go play soccer, do some sit ups and pushups, hold a plank, squat...we can do it ALL with what we don't need a gym, you want one (and I get that), but it's not the end-all-be-all of fitness.

The StressLess Lifestyle virtual gym has LIVE as well as on-demand workouts. We get to know our clients, we get to fix their form, push their efforts, yell at them when they need it! But if they can't make it live, they can do the same workouts on their own time, or take it to the gym and do it there. It's absolutely personal. We design the workouts based on what our clients need, we understand what equipment they have and modify as needed, we know what they do on their free time and if they like running or love heavy lifting and the small group workouts are designed for them. If you need it, we've got it.

Want to see what a bodyweight workout can do for you? You can do so much with just your body and 20 minutes! We have heavy lifting days and Heavy Cardio/Weight (METCON) days too!!!

Check out a free peek into what one day of StressLess Lifestyle WORKOUT looks like:

Find our favorite Bands here!!

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