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How-To StressLess during StressFull times #covid19

Are you stuck in? Need a workout? or some food ideas?

Keep reading for the StressLess Lifestyle "Quarantine plan".

Life is ALWAYS nuts when you are an adult {and a parent!} but these times we are in are more unusual and something we have not ever really prepared for. We might think we're ready for anything but when it comes down to it, stress takes over our rational thinking sometimes, case in point --->:

Jokes aside, we thought it would be a good idea to share with our clients how we plan to stay on track, the StressLess Lifestyle way, and keep moving forward with as little stress as possible (at least about the food & fitness part).

Here is a video of my (Nicci's) Costco haul...purchased merely 1 hour after the county shut the schools down. Yep, that last minute, it was a genius move. And we also show the foods Britt got the night before from Walmart, she planned ahead, haha. We took into consideration ALL.THE.PROTEIN and veggies but also the fact that we may have to live off this shopping trip for 3 weeks (or more). Fresh is always best, but this may not be the option at this time. Watch and see the StressLess Nutrition part of our "quarantine plan":

Now that the food part is covered, let's get to the workouts. I don't want to give you just 1 workout because at the minimum, many people will be locked-down for 2-3 weeks. Let's get you some workouts you can do 3 days a week or even more! *** see below for suggested days for this weekly routine.

- A) is bodyweight cardio (HIIT)

- B) is cardio, if you have a barbell or dumbbells

- C) is a full-body lifting one


The below videos show the transition

between curtsy lunges/ touchdowns and the 2nd one shows the plank-jacks/mountain climbers

B) You'll need dumbbells or a barbell

C) You'll need dumbbells and a band (for the rows). Some of the not-so-obvious moves are here in video. The rest, you can always ask!

Example of a goblet squat (above)

Example of curtsy lunge with curl (above)

Example of side to front raise (above)

How should you do these as a weekly routine? You can do anything you like! They're all full-body. I suggest 2 routines:

1) Monday- A

Tuesday- walk/swim/yoga

Wednesday- B

Thursday- C

Friday- A

Saturday/Sunday- favorite exercise, hike, run, walk, swim, play!

2) Monday- C

Tuesday- B

Wednesday- Rest/walk/jog/yoga



Saturday/Sunday- fun activity and/or B Make one of these a rest day

There are SO many options here with these three, these are my suggestions! Hope you enjoy these! *When you join the StressLess Lifestyle and add-on the fitness I make the fitness go right inline with the StressLess Lifestyle nutrition program*

Stay safe out there, take care of yourself and your families!

StressLess DoMore,


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