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Course Learning Plan
StressLess Pro


Weekly Summary

  1. Success Week:  StressLess Nutrition Method Pro introduction

  2. Nutrition learning: Wk 1 on macros- macros basics/ carb cycling

  3. Nutrition learning: Wk 2 on macros- client accountability and accuracy, food specifics

  4. Nutrition learning: Wk 3 on macros- factors that change macros, hormones 

  5. Nutrition learning: Wk 4 on macros- client requests & adjusting macros, science behind change/plateau. Behavior change & psychology of change

  6. Business learning: 

  7. Business learning: Business learning: Marketing materials, where to find help, how talk about SLLS

  8. Business learning: Final questions, making the business your own & launching


Each week you should expect to go through the videos as a client and learn from the client’s perspective. On Friday of each week you will have a live zoom with others going through the course. Each live meeting will have 3 parts, a scientific/nutrition topic, a “how to coach this” topic and a Q&A session.


Why should you become a StressLess Pro?


Your are already certified in some level of fitness, nutrition or coaching but you need to add new tools to your toolbox.  This course can be petitioned for CECs to your main certification issuing agency (ACE, NESTA, AFFA...) or you can use it simply as knowledge to help you serve your clients more fully, wholly and in ways that better suit you and them.

As a StressLess Pro you will have access to Nicci as a "coach" for reference and to help you with the tough questions, problems and issues that come up with your clients. You are able to use the StressLess name to let your clients know that you have additional certificates and knowledge base and you will be able to learn how to coach clients through a proven process for nutrition and fitness.

This is NOT a basic nutrition course where you learn about nutrition and then you have to learn to build a business and learn to coach various different people and learn on-the-job.  Yes, there will be learning and dealing with new scenarios and clients but you'll have support from someone who has done it successfully over time.  You are simply adding knowledge, skills and support to your new or current business.

With becoming a pro (for $750) you will get 8 weeks of information about how nutrition works with carb cycling and how to coach the various scenarios each week (see the weekly plan above). 

Once you complete you will have a monthly fee of $35 to utilize the StressLess name in your marketing and for using all of the images or infographics, or videos from StressLess Lifestyle.  For that licensing/pro fee you will also get a bi-weekly Zoom with Nicci and any other coaches where you can ask questions or get help with "trouble" clients or situations.

Beta deal: 55% off everything!

$338 plus $16/m

About the StressLess Lifestyle:


Carb Cycling is NOT magic but it is magical, meaning, it is a way to create more adherence to the plan while still being able to fit more carbs on some days (preferably for social events or hard workout days) while also being able to have days where there are higher fats.  Cycling the carbs helps people who thrive with lower carb have days that also include higher carbs while allowing those who like higher carbs still be able to get a larger amount of fats (ie. guacamole) on some days. 

Having personalized macros is very important because not everyone is the same, has the same goal or has the same lifestyle.  Tracking macros is also very helpful to begin with because studies show people tend to overestimate how well they're really doing by about 10%-20%.  In other words they are eating 20% more than they think, that amount can put someone back into maintenance or even gaining depending on the person.  Having flexible nutrition is helpful because telling people "no" just makes them want to eat it more, allowing them to fit in some fun foods, along with whole healthy foods can keep them fueling properly and keep them more consistent. 

You can reach out to Nicci Howard, Creator/CEO at 916-996-8218 or email at

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For current Pros


Click here to access your videos for the Nutrition Method

*This is for pros already registered who are beginning their nutrition & education process.

Working at the Beach


Your business Your way.

*Your ability to grow your business is completely up to you. I'm here to give you a proven method for nutrition, you implement with your OWN personality and drive.

Clock and Plant

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*You can register for each weekly meeting and the zoom link will be emailed to you.

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