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Exclusive package

Going from bloated, exhausted, and flabby to feeling amazing, energetic and confident. 

Introducing the StressLess Lifestyle Exclusive package, a 12 week 1-on-1 program where you get exclusive support, personalized macro-nutrition and lifestyle guidance so you can achieve your dream body while still enjoying the foods you love.

I know you, I have been there, you are a busy, successful woman but you don't have the time to take care of what you want to, YOU. You may not yet have the knowledge or the time to focus on nutrition to get the body you want.

You truly want to feel good in your own skin, feel successful and have control over your own goals.  The problem is  knowing what to eat for you specifically, what foods to choose, how to make healthy food when you're busy and how much to eat. 

You truly want to feel good in your own skin, feel successful and have control over your own goals.  The problem is  knowing what to eat for your body  specifically, what foods to choose, how to prepare healthy food when you're busy and how much to eat. Then once you know that, how do you stay on task, how do you do this when life throws you a curveball? How do you do this when you hit a plateau? 

The StressLess Exclusive program is exactly how you do this. By working with Nicci and following her signature StressLess Method, PLUS a personalised plan, accountability and mindset support; 1:1 clients have been able to drop 30 lbs in 15 weeks!!  They have felt better on this plan than on  any other “diet” they’ve tried (and some have tried them all!).  Clients have been able to understand what and why they eat the foods they do and use that knowledge to maintain during the holidays or vacation. Clients have regulated their cycles, felt fewer PMS symptoms and learned to fluctuate their nutrition based on their body’s needs. They feel confident on trips to Hawaii or long vacations because Nicci is there to support them and help them along the way no matter where they are or what life is throwing at them. 

I am not just a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist who learned by working with hundreds of clients, I have also been there myself. I was once a traveling business woman in Marketing and PR who found vitality in working really hard, all of the time.  I was once a woman who pushed herself so hard in all aspects of life my  thyroid was on the brink of giving up, cortisol was at its max and my hormones and body function were simply not ideal.  I developed StressLess Lifestyle after it worked on MYSELF and after owning my own training studio for 5 years, I then modified it for particular clients in the same boat.  It works, it helps build balance into your life while regaining control of your nutrition and your body.  You can reach the physical and health goals you want, it takes understanding and it takes guidance. 


People working with me have found their energy, drive and ability to push themselves in other aspects of life once they have the stress of nutrition (and fitness) taken care of for them. How do you fit in ALL THE THINGS health and fitness when you’re busy? Nicci guides you to figure out what needs to be done and what doesn’t.  When you feel better in your body and sexier in your clothes, you stand taller, you walk lighter and you glow from feeling great.  Life changes for the better when you feel fabulous about how you look  and your body is functioning optimally.


With 1:1 phone calls on zoom, personalized daily contact with individual  guidance and accountability you will find that success comes easier.  Being told what your body needs, fitting in what you want to eat and having a set plan, yet a flexible way of executing it will make the results easier to maintain. Your questions answered, your needs are met and you begin to see the scale change, your clothes fit better and you have the energy to be even better.

Is this for me?


  • You are busy and need to fit nutrition and fitness into your schedule, but you don’t know how much or when.

  • You understand you will be better in all things when you feel good and have more energy.

  • You’re NOT looking for a quick fix, “detox”, 30 day challenge….you want sustainable long term results.

  • You want personalized attention that delivers what YOU need on YOUR time for YOUR lifestyle.


Not taking action now will only delay the inevitable, you’re going to need to make a change eventually.  If you don’t do this, the negative habits will compound, the change never comes and you will only be setting yourself up for a steeper battle when you do start.


Female Client Mid  30s: “Thanks for the support- out of the literally hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on health and fitness you have been the one with the best results and you are very knowledgeable! Thank you!”  


Female Client 40s: “BTW,...I am down 30lbs now. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools I need to get myself to a healthier place. You have helped me get here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

From a 61 year old female client:

    “....Since being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, nothing has worked but Nicci’s program does. I’ve done it all-Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Optifast, Medifast, Keto. Probably others. For me, progress is slow but it is progress….I’ve done fast weight loss and gained it all back over and over. I’m done with that!”.


What you get as an Exclusive client:

  • One-on-one relationship including a weekly call/zoom and daily accountability via text because without more contact, more personalized touch you won’t be as successful.

  • Personalized nutrition calculations, tweaked as needed and adjusted to keep you seeing progress.

  • Personalized fitness guidance, whether that is a fully written plan, access to the StressLess Vault virtual gym on-demand or my guidance with your own trainer and workouts as it relates to your nutrition

  • Access to the virtual gym for times when you need or want to mix up your workouts

  • Adjustments to your meals as needed, what if you’re out and can’t figure out what fits within your macros?  I’ve got you. I can help you plan ahead for that work lunch or social dinner and still stay on track to your goal.

  • Want a rough meal plan but also want to be able to be flexible and fit in the foods you love?  I can help you design a meal plan that goes with your macros that you can learn to tweak and adjust to fit your needs.


Nicci has over  20 years experience in the health  industry and has helped hundreds of people to create a body they love! Nicci works with a limited number of 1:1 clients to ensure the level of service and support is like no other!   

With this 1:1 program, you receive personalized nutrition that WILL fit your lifestyle, guidance on how to make changes that work for you  as well as fitness direction  or full workouts if desired. 

I have 20 years in fitness and 10 years working with nutrition for clients, you get all of that knowledge and me “in your back pocket” as a nutrition advisor for 12 weeks, for only $2000.00.

I know that committing to transforming your body and your health can feel daunting, I’ve even been there myself (because good coaches have coaches!) and in the end it is never regretted, in the end success and progress are always achieved. Don’t put off now, what you’re going to have to do later anyways.  I only take on a couple of clients per 12 weeks so now is your time.



  •  What if I don’t know what my schedule or life will look like for 12 weeks?:  Not many people do, but life goes on regardless. That is exactly what I’m here for, to guide you forward through it all and to keep you on track.  We know things in life always change but too often we let those throw us off course, change takes time…I can help you navigate the changes over that time.


  • What if I have a lot of weight to lose or I don’t workout at all?:  Neither of those are negative issues.  Weight loss isn’t about a deadline if your goal is healthy, we can get you to a healthy goal in 12 weeks, no doubt but I will also teach you how to do this on your own so it becomes a lifestyle. As far as workouts go, maybe you don’t have the time or energy right now, but once your nutrition is in check you’ll be feeling so good you’ll want to be more active! Workouts aren’t necessary, but they can be fun and can help, I can help you get there if you want, but I don’t require it.


  • What if I can’t commit the $2000 all at once but I can commit to the 12 weeks?:  That is ok, you can also do monthly at $750 per month.

Need 1-on-1 but need a bit less of a commitment?  This is for you:

After your initial 12 weeks you get a discount to continue your health journey... contact me for the link

$1000.00 total. 12 week commitment.

Bi-weekly meetings*click for more details

$150.00/month 12 week commitment.

Bi-weekly *click for more details

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