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Hello, I'm Christie!

If you're looking to best your time, qualify for a specific race, run with better form to keep your body healthy then this is your place. I offer:

  • Weekly training plans tailored help you meet your goals

  • Customized workouts that will help build speed and endurance as needed

  • personalized coaching to guide you on your running journey

  • weekly check in calls with your coach 

  • Perfect to help you reach a goal for an upcoming race or to build your base before selecting a race goal

There are 2 ways in which you can work with me, monthly 1 on 1 where we work together closely to help you acheive your goal or you can purchase a 1-time training plan specifically designed for you. Click the options for more details.

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One Time plans

About Me:

I have been running for 15 years, some of those early years were a struggle but making all of the
mistakes possible at the beginning helped me learn. I stuck with it and somewhere along the way
it clicked and started to feel “easy” in a way I never would have imagined. Now I work much
harder at it and enjoy it much more too. Things really kicked up for me around 2015 when my
husband, Colin, was in law school and studying for the Bar exam. I had to be out of the house a
lot or I would pester him, so I went for a run. Well, 30 minutes really didn’t help much so like
Forest Gump, I just kept running. After running a half marathon on my own to pass the time I
decided to sign up for a race. I had discovered trail running around this time and loved spending
time in nature so leaned in to the trail scene for new experiences. I ended up finishing 29 miles
in a time challenge (and won my age group!) and seeking out some hard terrain on the Dipsea
trail. Running has stayed a focus for me ever since. I waddled through 2 pregnancies and drag
my 2 little ones in my trusty double stroller for lots of miles now.

Everyone loves a comeback, and I didn’t know one was in store for me but the trails were calling
and it is really hard to log trail miles with 2 kids in tow, so they had taken a back seat. When my
youngest turned 2 I was ready to see what I could do. I trained for and completed a 50k and was
really surprised to find that the 50k distance was completely attainable and really fun. Not nearly
as scary as when I first set my sights on it! Endurance is really where my comfort is more than
speed. The next year I decided to put that endurance theory to the test and go bigger. I completed
an 80 mile, 3 day stage race along the Costa Brava in Spain climbing up hills and running across
beaches. I have come to decide that 50k is probably my favorite distance but to keep a balance in
my year I still do some 5k and half marathon training too.
What I discovered was that while I don’t have more time to train than I did before, I was ready to
make the time. And my family has been there to support me as my biggest cheer squad. I have
gotten really good at fitting training in to an over packed schedule, learning ways to double dip
in family time and running time, and most importantly when all of the life and training stress
points to taking the day off and being ok with it.

When I am not running I am playing with my kids and my husband Colin. We love to
hike, ski and swim. We also love to travel which is a good thing because as a military family we
have called 8 different places home over the last 12 years. This is why I focus on virtual training.
So I can work with you no matter where you, or I am. Not familiar with how a coach can make
you a better runner from afar? I create individualized training for you to do on your own
schedule, one week at a time. I can see all of the metrics from each of your runs, hear your
feedback and study your progress. We talk about your nutrition, what you are drinking and how
to make tweaks to be more comfortable. We work through run/walk intervals to find the one you
are most comfortable with or to reduce those with the goal to run without breaks. I am there with
you every step.


I'm always looking for to help anyone who wants to be better and do their best. Let's connect.

You can sign up for a 1 on 1 zoom via email

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