The StressLess Retreat!

1-day passes available for Saturday October 1st.

Saturday/night 1-day includes:

• Inaugural Pacific Beach Run 1/2 or 5k (optional and extra reg fee)

• RoofTop ocean view Mobility&stretch for everyone (yoga-like session to get into your aches, stiffness and relax) followed by mimosa bar

• chat and snack while we discuss the importance of recovery for fat loss or overall health

• Pelvic floor help & guidance with some exercises to take with you (not just for postpartum people, everyone has a pelvic floor)

• relaxing, chatting and hanging out

• Chef cooked dinner and wine pairing with the main course and chocolate & wine desert.

The WHOLE weekend includes all of the above on Saturday plus:

  • Goodie bags full of StressLess Favorite things!

  • Strength workout on the beach (Thursday)

  • Q&A for all things nutrition and fitness (Thursday)

  • Dinner in, healthy but delicious, how to eat on vacation and still feel good (Thursday)

  • Beach walks & sunsets

  • Seminar on Sleep and Stress Management with workbook (Friday)

  • Yoga with sound bowls- ocean view rooftop (Friday)

  • Stretching, Mobility and a light weight workout (Friday)

  • No cooking unless you want to

  • A live Cooking-ish w/Nicci for breakfast (Friday)

  • Dinner out on the town or brought in (Free night Friday)

  • Morning stretch, breatkfast and big thank you (Sunday)


$350 (on sale for $300 now)
$250 for current members
**If you want to save $30 pay via venmo or paypal! email for more info.


We are always doing fitness and nutrition coaching, if you want to have more information on that please reach out.


StressLess and do more fun things!