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It's more than just MACROS❤️

“It’s unpacking what’s keeping me from being successful.” Whether it was the StressLess Nutrition Method or the other ways of eating, diets or fads, none worked before for this client, but WHY?

This feedback on a 1-on-1 zoom was more than I had expected from a few weeks of working together. It is so interesting to unfold, dig down and uncover why efforts just haven't worked for her in the past YEARS (and yes, StressLess was one of them! But changing to 1:1 can make it actually work. We can modify ANYTHING to make you successful if you’re 1:1).

It's not therapy, but if you’re ready, we can work through the things I know. What I DO know and have studied is people's behavior around exercise, food, food thought and how to say, "look, maybe it's xyz and if you fix/handle that then focusing on nutrition will be easier." Or "hey, if what you're trying to do isn't working we need a new method."

Trying to fit a triangle peg into an oval hole won't work, and you can't force it. So how do we find the triangle hole for the triangle to fit in? We search, modify and adjust. I listen to what you think the problem is and then tell you what I'm actually hearing... and we fix it. It's work.

That's why my 1:1 is an "intensive" 12 weeks to start.

• Too busy to fit workouts? Fine. We adjust.

• Don't see 5lbs lost in one week. Good, that might be a very unrealistic/unhealthy expectation and we need to adjust that.

• When you're 10 seconds from giving up after 1 week of seemingly no change. I tell you, "Hey, you DID lose weight and also inches that you didn't notice."

Because when you're on your own, change is hard to see but when someone is taking note, tracking and comparing week to week....change does happen. We see ourselves differently than others see us. We see our effort differently than others see, just like we underestimate our food portions, we tend to overestimate our effort.

It’s a truth that none of us want to realize, myself included. Having an outside observer can help you dial in your goals and take your effort to levels that work for you.

I have another 1:1 spot open. You can email me to inquire if it is still open, it's probably waiting for you ( .

I will ONLY be taking 3 new 1:1 clients. Spots will open as we cycleout of 1-on-1 clients, so I can have enough to give to all to my clients.

I haven’t opened 1:1 in over 6 years, I opened in February and filled the spots before the month ended, if you want one email me, we will discuss if it’s right for you. If it’s not then the next group cycle will begin Sept 6th and you can join as a JumpStarter and get in the groove with the rest of the Nutrition Members.

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