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8 great moves to stay active at your work desk

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Not everyone gets the luxury of working out whenever they want to or feel like it. Not everyone who works has a gym at their company....but man, would it be nice if you did?!

I don't now, but I used to work in an office environment. I worked in an office since I graduated with my undergraduate degree. I worked for the Federal Government at the US Embassy in Chile, I worked for the CA State Justice Department, the USDA/Forest Service, and then did sales, marketing and PR for some for profit corporations. Something that was the running theme of my random water-cooler conversations was how I never sat down, and questions about what I did for workouts...and it never bothered me! :) So I got my personal trainer certificate because I loved telling people things and always wanted to be accurate and have science proof of things I'd say....because that's how I am.

My top tips for what I did while working in an office to stay active:

1) Sit on an exercise ball, not for posture (sure, it helps) but to bounce.

2) Wiggle your feet while sitting around.

3) Get a headset or hands-free phone and walk and talk when possible

4) Get up every 30 mins and go get'll move, and you'll have to pee a lot so you'll have to get up again and go to the bathroom.

5) Park in the last spot of the parking lot.

6) Take the stairs, no matter what...even when you're late, run the stairs, and walk them 2 by 2....bonus: glute work.

7) Walk or run at in your car on the way back or on a break instead.

8) Burpees whenever anyone says "what do you do for working out"...don't say anything, just drop and do a burpee and walk away.

---- just kidding, I just wanted to see if you read this far...and if you do #8 then you HAVE to let me know! LOL.

Nutrition is your #1 key to fat loss and healthy, balanced living...moving is secondary to nutrition. Find what works for you and stick with it because the answer to long-term fat loss is not short-term tricks.

Stay active. Stay hydrated. Eat whole foods. Be happy.


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