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Need a break or reset? Research says: Attend a health & wellness retreat!

Have you ever just needed to step out of the room during a busy day and take a walk or be mindless for a few minutes. One a day where you have so much to do at work or with the kids or even just things to do around the house, but your head feels like its going to explode and you just feel stuck. You remove yourself from the area or situation, put your tasks or stressors on hold for a short moment, reset, refresh and then you were able to get back to what you were doing with more motivation.

What about stepping back from it all for a few days and not just for a few moments? Research has shown that this is exactly what we should be doing every once in a while for our overall mental and physical well being. The length and type of retreat can vary from a day or two away just visiting a spa or it could be traveling to a different city for a few days to a week in order to connect with nature, a new environment, and other people. Retreats can consist of and time spent camping, hiking, running, yoga, relaxing, spa days, reading, beach resorts, spending time with friends with little distractions, meeting new people to connect with .... really anything that makes you happy and brings you joy!

In 2017 the participants of study went on a one-week retreat where their mental and physical health was tracked by health checks, mental health related questionnaires, and other various tests in order to measure their well-being.

The results of the study showed not only a significant improvement in the participants overall well-being, but the positive effects lasted for 6 weeks after the one week retreat.

Physical benefits that researchers immediately saw were improved blood pressure and improved sleep quality which lasted weeks after the retreat. Other physical benefits that were observed weeks after the retreat included reduced weight and changes in abdominal circumference. Participants also exhibited significant improvements on the depression anxiety stress scale and mood state tests that were given.

So when was the last time you have had the chance to go away for a girls or guys trip? Had the opportunity to take some time for yourself when you are constantly pouring your love and commitment into your children, your significant other, friends, and/or job? When was the last time you allowed yourself to put you first so that you can be a better version of you. Being that better version of you can then show up in a bigger and better way for those around you that you support in your daily life.

StressLess Lifestyle has decided to offer their very first health and wellness retreat this fall of 2022 in conjunction with the Pacific Beach Half Marathon. We will be hosting a small group of participants at a private residence for 4 days, 3 nights in Mission Beach San Diego. Some of the participants will also be running in the PB Half marathon although this is not required of the attendees. We will be providing private yoga instruction, a nutrition seminar, a private chef for our last dinner together, our own strength workout, as well as breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Come join us! We only have a couple spots left so contact us ASAP to secure your spot or to be added to the waitlist:

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