What is the StressLess Lifestyle?

A balanced way of living... Nutrition, Fitness, & Community


Balancing hormones for fat loss using nutrition and fitness. 

Stress is the #1 contributor to health issues, stressing about your nutrition is counter productive.  We need to find a balanced and sustainable way to live, within our normal life events, while we are still able to reach fat loss goals. It's personalized to you. We utilize carb cycling and macros.  PAIR nutrition with Fitness and you get the

FULL StressLess Lifestyle!


Next cycle begins January 3rd, 2022!

Nutrition is the absolute key to a healthy or fat-loss lifestyle. 

When you eat in balance you feel better, you live better and you can hit your goals much easier!  If you still have goals to hit or want to maintain your goals and need the nutrition accountability to go with your already active lifestyle, stay with us!

Don't have a gym to attend?  Like the convenience of at-home workouts?  These are workouts that are delivered to you, wherever you are, it's like a personal trainer with personalized fitness...LIVE or on-demand.  Any time, Anywhere.  The workouts are specific with our nutrition, but nutrition is NOT mandatory. 


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About NICCI, CEO/Founder

Here’s something I know is true about us women…we actually do want it all.  And, we think we should automatically know how to do it perfectly.

My own experience with stress, overwhelm, burnout, having kids, hormone imbalance, weight gain, and working like a crazy woman with no boundaries certainly took it’s toll.  And, I had to rethink my relationship to food and fitness.


I actually love working out.  In college I used my time at the gym as stress relief.  I also became a certified group fitness instructor, certified personal trainer as well as a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist....for FUN.

Flashback to me as a work-from-home career woman who traveled constantly, I became a work-a-holic with absolutely no boundaries (picture me in labor with my daughter while on my blackberry…sad, but true). Then came #momLife and hormone imbalance....and the StressLess Life. Over the years I have also acquired certifications and specialty classes in diabetes fitness, pre/postpartum fitness and metabolic conditioning.


About BRITT, Director of Fitness

Hi! I am coach Britt. I am a proud mom of 3, spouse to a military veteran, lover of travel, fitness, adventure, and food! I am a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. I specialize in prenatal/postpartum Fitness, but have experience in training both men and female clients of all age ranges and fitness levels, including youth fitness in person and on virtual platforms.

What I wish I knew as a young woman, an athlete, a first time mom. There are so many things that I wish I had been taught on how hard to train, how to workout, fuel my body, rest my body, treat my body and even how my mindset and perceptions of myself would change.  I had been an athlete all my life with various trainers, mentors, coaches; all of which I was blessed to have!  They all taught me so much, but when I entered motherhood with my first pregnancy that all changed.  

All of a sudden I felt isolated and clueless to this all. I felt like I didn't even know my own body any more, how to train it, how to fuel it, how or what to even think about it. This is when I decided that personal training is something I knew I wanted to get into.  I love motivating our clients while guiding them through various formats of workouts (my personal favorite being Metabolic conditioning). 

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patty F .jpg

4% body fat in 7 weeks.  Newly Postpartum mamma!  Total of 5 inches lost and added a pound of muscle at the same time as losing body fat! Bingo.

New mom

Happening now on IG:

Busy mamma with goals

First time client

"Hi Nicci! I'm so incredibly happy with your program! About a month ago I was weighing 147 and this morning I am 139.5!!! I never thought I'd see my prepregnancy weight again (133) but now I'm hoping I will get in the Best shape of my life!"

This is a mama of 3 with a set of TWINS.  These are from 1 round, of 6 weeks, she put on 2 lbs of muscle and lost body fat percentage! You should see her 3rd round pics...they are awesome.