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Nicci's business background:

  • 10 Years experience in corporate sales and community public relations consistently over budget.

  • 13 years experience growing a business from 1 client to over 100 clients with a community of 8000 between social media accounts. 

  • Opened a brick and mortar business expanded to online business, pivoted to 100% virtual.

  • Consulting as social media manager and advisor.

  • Business plan/growth plan writing

  • MBA in marketing

Contact me for 20 minute consult.

Why you need help:


  • You're just starting your own online or brick and mortar business and need guidance on how-to.

  • You are at a spot in your business that seems stagnant and you need a boost.

  • You are at a "grow or go" place in your business and need expert eyes to know what to do.

  • You want assistance with marketing your business for awareness or growth.

  • You want assistance with advice on processes and procedures in running a business.

Email: Nicci.Stressless @ Gmail. com

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