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Time-Crunched Mama's 1-on-1

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Introducing the StressLess Lifestyle Time-Crunched mamas relationship, a 4 week 1-on-1 program where you get exclusive support, personalized macro-nutrition and lifestyle guidance so you can achieve a healthy body, more energy and feel great in your own skin.

This is a special 1-on-1 package for the time-crunched woman who is in need of support in their journey to thriving as a busy mom, or a mom trying to thrive in her career learning how to balance it all while still taking care of her own Deep Health.

 This 1-on-1 relationship includes 4 weeks of support in these areas:

  • Personalized nutrition assistance: Personalized nutrition based on your goals, needs and lifestyle. You will have guidance on how to track macros (your personal protein, fat and carbs) or learn to eyeball the right amounts of foods to support your daily needs and goals.

  •  Access to the StressLess nutrition membership group where you'll get to see my 3 weekly live information videos

  • Discussing stress management, sleep hygiene and recovery techniques to help you be your best self at the deepest levels of health.

  • Fitness or movement guidance:  If you're new to working out we may begin with simply walking.  You will get access to the virtual gym where you will get on-demand workouts and will have access to LIVE workouts as well. You will have 1 workout a day available to you whether you do it live or on-demand. 

** You can choose to focus on one or all of these areas with our time together. 


Nutrition is important because a solid foundation of nutrient intake that is balanced for your personal needs will help you feel better and when you feel better you can be better. 

Fitness gets your body moving, you will have access to the StressLess Virtual gym and can do workouts on-demand at your own time in your own space. We have short workouts that you can fit into your day before everyone wakes up, while they're busy with you around or while they sleep.... Our workouts are programmed so that you will get a well-rounded routine whether you do one a week, 3 a week or 5 a week.  There is something for everyone, bodyweight, light weights, stretching/mobility and heavy lifting.

Stress management, sleep and recovery are integral parts to your DEEP health, the type of health that, if it's not being taken care of, affects everything else in your life.  

4 weeks is a short amount of time but it is enough to learn some actionable skills. If you feel you need more time to truly make it a lifestyle and to see and feel change we have the option of doing the EXCLUSIVE  1-on-1 or extending this month by month. Ask Nicci for details on both of those. 

I am not just a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist who learned by working with hundreds of clients, I have also been there myself. I was once a traveling business woman in Marketing and PR who found vitality in working really hard, all of the time.  I was once a woman who pushed herself so hard in all aspects of life my  thyroid was on the brink of giving up, cortisol was at its max and my hormones and body function were simply not ideal.  I developed StressLess Lifestyle after it worked on MYSELF and after owning my own training studio for 5 years, I then modified it for particular clients in the same boat.  It works, it helps build balance into your life while regaining control of your nutrition and your body.  You can reach the physical and health goals you want, it takes understanding and it takes guidance. 


People working with me have found their energy, drive and ability to push themselves in other aspects of life once they have the stress of nutrition (and fitness) taken care of for them. How do you fit in ALL THE THINGS health and fitness when you’re busy? Nicci guides you to figure out what needs to be done and what doesn’t.  When you feel better in your body and sexier in your clothes, you stand taller, you walk lighter and you glow from feeling great.  Life changes for the better when you feel fabulous about how you look  and your body is functioning optimally.


With 1:1 phone calls on zoom, personalized contact with individual  guidance and accountability you will find that success comes easier.  Being told what your body needs, fitting in what you want to eat and having a set plan, yet a flexible way of executing it will make the results easier to maintain. Your questions answered, your needs are met and you begin to see the scale change, your clothes fit better and you have the energy to be even better.


Female Client Mid  30s: “Thanks for the support- out of the literally hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on health and fitness you have been the one with the best results and you are very knowledgeable! Thank you!”  


Female Client 40s: “BTW,...I am down 30lbs now. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools I need to get myself to a healthier place. You have helped me get here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

From a 61 year old female client :

    “....Since being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, nothing has worked but Nicci’s program does. I’ve done it all-Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Optifast, Medifast, Keto. Probably others. For me, progress is slow but it is progress….I’ve done fast weight loss and gained it all back over and over. I’m done with that!”.


Nicci has over  20 years experience in the health  industry and has helped hundreds of people to create a body they love! Nicci works with a limited number of 1:1 clients to ensure the level of service and support is like no other!   

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