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Helping your clients and patients be better with
the StressLess Lifestyle...

The StressLess Lifestyle is a 100% virtual program and we have members from all over.  We have found the most success with our clients who have come from other gyms, practitioners and facilities who wanted to offer their clients/patients something a little bit more personalized to go along with what they're already doing for their overall health. 

Each current member of a StressLess Lifestyle cycle gets their macros calculated based on their personal information, and I do minor, specific adjustments to each person before sending them out.  In addition to that each current member gets adjusted/recalculated macros as we see fit!  I am always checking in and asking clients to check in with me. Once a member finishes their first 7 week JumpStart cycle they become "Lifestylers" and can continue on their health journey with support and guidance along the way. 


We think of nutrition just like fitness, the end goal is there but we're never done. Life changes, bodies change and so do our needs.

Our StressLess Lifestyle members are here for the nutrition only, the fitness only or both. Many of our clients come from other fitness facilities and the majority of our members do crossfit or bootcamp style workouts, we also get referrals from chiropractors and physical therapists. The StressLess Nutrition Method was designed to work with any lifestyle, any fitness or wellness routine. We focus on personalized, flexible macro-nutrition for each member and JumpStarters (our first timers going through the first 6 weeks) all practice carb cycling, many of our members choose to carb cycle continuously for ease of lifestyle.


Carb Cycling is NOT magic but it is magical, meaning, it is a way to create more adherence to the plan while still being able to fit more carbs on some days (preferably for social events or hard workout days) while also being able to have days where there are higher fats.  Cycling the carbs helps people who thrive with lower carb have days that also include higher carbs while allowing those who like higher carbs still be able to get a larger amount of fats (ie. guacamole) on some days. 

Having personalized macros is very important because not everyone is the same, has the same goal or has the same lifestyle.  Tracking macros is also very important to begin with because studies show people tend to overestimate how well they're really doing by about 10%-20%.  In other words they are eating 20% more than they think, that amount can put someone back into maintenance or even gaining depending on the person.  Having flexible nutrition is helpful because telling people "no" just makes them want to eat it more, allowing them to fit in some fun foods, along with whole healthy foods can keep them fueling properly and keep them more consistent. 

Members are added to a private Facebook group if they are interested in the daily accountability, we do 3-4 live videos weekly. We have a Topic of The Week video, Cooking-ish w/Nicci (where she shows food suggestions or cooks meals explaining how she will make a meal pertaining to macros while also feeding a family to meet their needs as well) and we have weekly live Q&A videos.  They also have access to a web portal where all of the videos and information is cataloged for them to find easily. 


We will give you $25 per person who begins with the StressLess Nutrition Method, the cost is $129 for your clients/members/patients, that is 20% per referral.  You will get a unique Referral Code that your referees will be able to enter at checkout which will trigger a $25 credit and we will send those via PayPal or Venmo in a lump sum once a month.


 Please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you would like to discuss a different level of partnership we would be glad to discuss.

You can reach out to Nicci Howard, Creator/CEO at 916-996-8218 or email at

Brittany McGinn, Business Development Director, at 443-243-3254 or email at

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