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JumpStart- MENS only

6 week intro (plus 1 Success Week):

Don't waste your time in the gym, eat right for your goal.

  • Eat for your goal whether it is fat loss, muscle gain or both

  • 7 weeks of nutrition accountability (plus 1 prep week, 7 total)

  • Nutrition guide/calendar included so you can utilize nutrition intake to boost your muscle gain. (Ie. post-workout/pre-workout carbs)

  • Daily check-ins and guidance by Fitness Nutrition Specialist/personal trainer

  • Tips/recipes on maintaining lifestyle of macro eating & carb cycling

  • Private men's only challenge group

    • A PREP week {Success Week} where I will give you the tools to get ready for success

    • Weekly videos with form help (if you do the included workouts)

    • Weekly cooking/food ideas

    • Weekly Q & A sessions so I can help you as needed or touch on tough subjects that arise

  • Winner will get next cycle free or $50 gift card to local supplement store. *winner based on body fat percentage loss and pictures, not weight


This is your INTRO into the LIFESTYLE. 

7 weeks to start...a lifetime to master it.

You get to begin with us and move on with us.  

Fitness is simple, nutrition is simple (it's FOOD that's tough!). 

You will be able to ask questions of me as well as of everyone else.  


Benefit of a group program? You get ME, you get a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. that you can interact with, it's like one-on-one but without the cost.   You also get a group of dedicated women doing it with you who may be going through the same aches, pains and SUCCESSES as you.

Starts June 15th!

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