Your macros in the StressLess Lifestyle way...

Do you want to get Carb Cycling macros without signing up for a whole 7 weeks?

Now is your chance!

When you join the StressLess Lifestyle you get your own personalized macros using my own formula (based on science, but modified and shifted to fit the way we eat with carb cycling).  I have been called the "macro magician" and "numbers expert" when it comes to reading and understanding what people need to eat...within the rules of science/ it pertains to carb cycling.  I just know macros. 

Each current member of a StressLess Lifestyle cycle gets their macros calculated based on their personal information, and I do minor, specific adjustments to each person before sending them out.  In addition to that each current member gets adjusted/recalculated macros as we see fit!  I am always checking in and asking clients to check in with me. We decided if new numbers are needed, especially if they are on any cycle beyond their first, it gets more detailed as you go!

If you aren't ready or don't want the detailed, specifically adjusted macros for you then this is your opportunity to get some macros calculated for you!


This uses the formula I have used for years.  It is not going to be personally adjusted by me specifically for you but it will have your personal numbers basedon the info you enter... as best as can be calculated by a calculator who hasn't spoken with you about your nutritional background :)

Just $10 and you get your own numbers:

*a link will be sent via email once you submit the payment.