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Come join Trainer Nicci & Trainer Britt for 11 LIVE Workouts a week of various formats.  Can't make it to the Live workouts?  Workout on Demand on your own time, wherever and whenever you want! No need for specific equipment.  Use what you have and we modify for you! Personal Training in a virtual Group Fitness setting for the fraction of the cost!

Full Body Lift

A Full-body focused workout using medium to heavy weights. Never miss a Monday, get in that whole body, muscle building, metabolism revving lifting workout.


Live- 5:30am and 7am


We're giving your muscles recovery time today and utilizing the body for your workout.


Tabata is a pre-set protocol used to build speed and explosiveness in athletes. It is also great for anyone looking to burn body fat without spending an hour or more doing cardio. Usually 20 minutes is enough to blast your body to it's highest level.  We will follow with core work.

Workouts:Live- 5:30am & 7am 


Wellness means SO many things to everyone.  Wellness means doing something to take care of yourself.  When you have blasted you body's muscles with weights and then again using body weight it's time for some stretching, Barre, dancing, yoga, whatever fun but non-intense workout we have planned for you.

Women with hormonal imbalance (and their doctors) will attest, too much intensity, too often in your workouts will not help you reach your goals, it may, in fact, stress your body out.  #MoreisNOTbetter

Missed Monday or Tuesday? Go back and do those today!


Live- 5:30am & 7am


This is your muscle blasting, Metabolic Conditioning day. Grab something heavy and move it around!  Let's scorch both those muscle and that cardio system!


Live 5:30am & 7am

StressLess HIIT

StressLess Weighted HIIT & abs.  Light to medium weights. Typically 30-40 minutes of intense, effective workouts!

Building muscle, burning fat, short workouts that don't tax the hormonal system...find some time for a leisurely walk as well.


Live- 5:30am & 7am

Lifting Day

Saturday is for carbs (if you've done the StressLess Lifestyle nutrition...you get it!) and for LIFTING those big muscle groups.  Typically, Saturday is #legday but we will be mixing up bodyparts and lifting weights. 

Building muscle is important for building metabolism (so you can eat more) and also for bone health, not to mention an overall strong look!


Live- 7:30 am

Rest, Recover, Rejuvenate

Rest, recover and rejuvenate.  Your body will not let your do to it what you want to unless you give it time to rest and recover.  Muscles grow during rest.  Hormones balance with rest. 

Take care of you, your mind, your family and your body on Sunday.

*If you missed any workouts during the week, this is a good day to go back and do them. They're up all week!

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