THE Lifestyle: Fat Loss, Maintenance & Muscle

Do you want to maintain your fat loss and maybe even gain muscle but need the nutrition accountability to go with your already active lifestyle? Then this is your program.


If you're here, you already know that nutrition is the absolute key to a healthy lifestyle.   If you still have goals to hit after your JumpStart Cycle then this is the place for you.  You get to keep reaching those goals with me in the next phase of StressLess Lifestyle. 

Ave you already been doing it for 3 cycles? Have you hit your first goal and need a break but don't want to lose your progress?  We will calculate your personal numbers in order to maintain your success, so stay with me for a maintenance round of StressLess Lifestyle.


Remember, we don't always live for fat loss.  Some times we need to maintain, take a break and just live the regular StressLess Lifestyle.  This means continuing to be accountable for yourself, still following the cycle but shifting your mindset and sustaining homeostasis within your body for a cycle or 2 before you resume StressLess FatLoss with new goals.


*as long as you are a current client, you will always get 1 re-calculation of macros per 6 week cycle if we deem it necessary.

Space is limited so we can still have personalized accountability.  Reserve your spot now, below.

Next cycle November 1st 2021!!
*Registration open now