THE Lifestyle: Fat Loss, Maintenance & Muscle

Do you workout already and know you need a bit more focus on nutrition to help keep that fat loss going?  Do you want to gain muscle while still losing fat?  With proper nutrition, that is totally possible!


If you still have goals to hit and need accountability with your nutrition then StressLess JumpStart Cycle is the place for you. You will see some serious changes because Burn's workouts go so well with the StressLess Lifestyle way of eating.  


Remember, we don't always live for fat loss.  Some times we need to maintain, take a break and just live the regular StressLess Lifestyle.  The goal there would be to not gain fat while still being a bit more relaxed in your nutrition, that's maintenance.   This means continuing to be accountable for yourself, still following the cycle but shifting your mindset and sustaining homeostasis within your body for a cycle or 2 before you resume StressLess FatLoss with new goals.  ...I'm here for you during maintenance also.  You don't want to workout so much, with improper nutrition, that you lose your muscle or gain too much fat... stick with the SL Lifestyle just a bit more relaxed.


*as long as you are a current client, you will always get 1 re-calculation of macros per 7 week cycle if we deem it necessary.

Space is limited so we can still have personalized accountability.  Reserve your spot now, below.

**At the beginning of 2020 ALL Burn babes will get a discount so register here...  (don't share this with non-Burn Bootcamp members please :) ) 

Once you register shoot me an email with your paypal confirmation and I'll get you into the next cycle

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